With the “Wonder Woman” movie standing tall and mighty as North America’s biggest hit of the summer, many of you have been inspired to take on superhero qualities. I’m not referring to deflecting bullets with your bracelets or crashing through windows to save the world. The real Wonder Woman is the girl who stands up for herself— the girl who chases her dreams and never loses hope. She gives everything 100 percent, because she has come to believe that is the only way to do things. A true Wonder Woman is not afraid of failure. She believes failure is not an option; therefore, she does not quit on the tasks that she doesn’t complete. A Wonder Woman is a strong woman who learns from her experiences and mistakes. She sees the positive in every situation.

Then there is a “wondering woman,” the girl who always wonders what life would be like “if.” She has dreams and aspirations, but is too afraid to follow her heart. A wondering woman does not take risks. She craves a certain life or certain things, but her fear of failure keeps her away from it all. She does not believe in herself because she has not yet realized that she is capable of anything in the world.

So girls, which one are you? Are you happy? If not, then who would you like to be? It may be time for a transformation— from wondering woman into Wonder Woman.

If you are a wondering woman, the great news is you can easily become a real-life Wonder Woman or “superwoman” because she is inside of you. We just have to find her within ourselves and pull her out. You are beautiful, intelligent, loving, good wives, sisters, mothers and more. You CAN do anything you want. Don’t be afraid to go after anything.

It’s so important for women to have the confidence in themselves to be independent, and show that they value themselves. Confidence makes one glow. It’s invisible, but at the same time, it’s not. If you are a wondering woman and want to work toward finding your Wonder Woman qualities, then congratulations— because if you keep at it, I am positive you WILL find her and your life will forever change for the better.