Do you feel like working out is not as fun as it used to be? Do you feel like it’s a chore to go to the gym? Well, maybe you’re in a motivational slump. We have all had days or even weeks where we do not feel like working out or even getting out of our pajamas! I know everyone’s been there before, including myself, because even us pros need a little extra motivational push to keep us going. So I’m going to provide some quick tips to get you out of this mental rut!

First, let’s try to find out what’s causing the change of mindset. I think the most common reason for lack of motivation is repetitiveness. It is easy to get bored with the same routine, day after day. Maybe you need to spice up your workouts! Here are a few ideas that you could try:

1. Go to a different gym. The new scenery, people and equipment might be the excitement you need to spark your fire once again.

2. Work out with a friend or partner. It’s always nice to have someone else there for that extra little push. Hey, your friend can even be helpful when spotting you on heavier lifts!

3. Take up a new class at a gym, like yoga, Pilates or boot camp! A different type of workout might be just what you need to revamp your drive.

4. Are you a competitive person? Participate in a gym weight-loss challenge, or a 5K. Perhaps this will challenge you and push you when you are competing against others.

5. Try working out a little earlier if you can. Our motivation usually fades away as the day goes on for most of us.

6. Change up your pre-workout ritual. Maybe try going for coffee beforehand, or listen to uplifting music in the car and during workouts.

If repetitiveness is not the issue, you can try these other helpful suggestions for your motivation slump:

1. Reward yourself. Always have something to look forward to. For example, treat yourself to a massage or pedicure after a weeks’ worth of affective workouts.

2. Get in the “zone” by reading FitnessRx for Women magazine and visiting the website for fat-burning workouts, advice and training videos.

3. Buy new, cute workout gear. You will surely want to show off your new outfit at the gym and put it to good use!

4. Take a short break from the gym. I know it may seem counteractive, but we all need a mental and physical break every once in a while— we are human, after all. Taking a few days off from the gym will help you realize how much you miss it, and you will be more eager than ever to get back in the swing of things.

5. Try getting more sleep. Sleep often controls your mood. More sleep means more energy, which leads to better workouts. No one likes to work out when they’re drained and tired.

6. If weather permits, try an outdoor workout. Try a scenic jog or bike ride. The fresh air will clear your mind and you will be getting a dose of vitamin D to boot!

7. Lastly, but most importantly, change the way you think about exercise. Working out is not a chore; it is an opportunity to better yourself. It is a great way to realize stress among other things. It will put you in a better mood when you are finished. In reality, a workout is only a small portion of your day but boasts many benefits to extend your life. You will feel good and look great with consistent hard work. Next time you are dreading going to the gym, think of how many people who you can potentially inspire to become more healthy and fit. Every day is a day to be a better you. Think positively and you will find that you will radiate happiness.