I wasn’t expecting to be writing an entry this week. I thought I would have a little baby to be snuggling with, but that is not the case. I’m one day away from my estimated due date and 40 weeks pregnant— as I sit here and write you…drinking my raspberry tea!

Inducing Labor

So this week, I’ll touch on ways to naturally induce labor, which is just what I want to do right now. We have chosen to plan a natural birth, so we won’t be inducing with Pitocin unless I go two weeks over my due date— at which point the doctors won’t let you go past because it puts baby at risk. Approximately 80 percent of first-time babies go past their EDD (Estimated Due Date). And that’s why it’s estimated— Baby is the one calling the shots here. Short of a c-section, there’s no surefire way to know when baby is coming till he gets here.

There are wives’ tales and things people say can help induce labor, some of which Tim and I have been doing for the past week or so— but still no baby. What works for sure, we don’t know, but we know the following things are said to help speed things along (but only if your body is ready— unlike drugs or a c-section, which speed things up whether baby is ready or not)…http://www.givingbirthnaturally.com/natural-ways-to-induce-labor.html

We aren’t going to do the castor oil or herbal approaches because some of them can be controversial. Just make sure you do your research and do what’s comfortable for you when the time comes.

Feeling the Pressure

My belly feels like it’s about to burst. The skin is tight and shiny and keeping it moisturized is key right now to keep it from feeling too tight. The last week or so has definitely been the most uncomfortable for me after the pretty comfortable pregnancy I’ve had.

Now that the baby has surely dropped and is ready to go, I’m using the bathroom more frequently than ever. Every time I stand up, walk, etc., gravity takes a hold and I can feel pressure pushing down there that reminds me I could go into labor every time— which would be fine with me! I’m still taking lots of long walks to get things going, and the little jabs remind me that baby is in position and it’s only a matter of time!

Car Seats and Baby Names

We recently installed our car seat bases/car seat, and now, as I have said the past two blog entries, we wait! By the way, we chose the Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System. Our car seat goes right from the base to the stroller, and back if needed. Even my mom has a car seat base, so we can just move baby from car to car without having to move him from his comfy position. This came after lots of reviews, research and first-hand recommendations. We can’t wait to put them to use!

OK, no really, I hope not to be baby-less by this time next week! We’ve also narrowed our baby name list down to THREE, so hopefully he will look enough like one of them to help us decide once he arrives!

Any questions you ladies have, please just ask! I love hearing from you all!

Talk soon!