Animal Cuts Powder is a versatile, fat-torching matrix delivering a complete, comprehensive, and effective metabolic powerhouse.

Weight management is of prime concern for those who live the active mindset lifestyle – men, women, anyone who is trying to get shredded. Diet, meal preparation and exercise all have to come together in the ideal balance, whether you are going to compete on stage or want to look your absolute best for your family, friends and co-workers. Many people have trouble shedding the body fat they would like to, even when the other variables of their training and nutrition are on point. That’s a problem with a solution that is within your reach: Animal Cuts Powder, a hardcore fat burner from Animal brand.

It happens to so many of us: You got the diet and training down. You’re hitting your cardio with rigorous intensity. But you’re still not shedding fat the way you want to. That’s where Animal Cuts Powder can be your most valued and versatile training partner. Animal Cuts Powder provides hardcore results, but can be used by the hard-training athlete, or anyone looking to get shredded by increasing thermogenesis along with increasing your metabolic rate and expelling excess water retention while reducing hunger.

All-In-One Fat Burner

Animal Cuts Powder offers a unique “all-in-one” superior fat burner, going beyond the competition and bringing together the best features of the best diet products on the market. Each precisely formulated dose can help you tear away unwanted adipose to help reveal the lean, hard, muscle underneath. There are notable differences that raise Animal Cuts Powder above much of the competition, including:

• Unique water-shredding complex

• 2 key forms of carnitine and tyrosine

• Highest content/concentration of fat-burning actives per serving (4600mg)

• An effective formula with high customer satisfaction, proven by an Alpha Testing Program, resulting in users losing an average of 7 pounds in three weeks.*

Effective Metabolic Powerhouse

The exclusive Animal Cuts Powder formula combines multiple complexes and supplements into one: metabolic enhancer, natural diuretic, thyroid support, focus factors and energy-boosting agents, effective at incinerating body fat without the prolonged jitters and unwanted crash. Animal Cuts Powder is a versatile, fat-torching matrix available in two delicious flavors, Orange Mango and Blue Ice Pop, delivering a complete, comprehensive, and effective metabolic powerhouse.

Ready to Start Burning Fat?

Mix 1 scoop of Animal Cuts Powder with 8-10 ounces of your favorite beverage upon waking and take another serving four to six hours later. Each serving should be taken on an empty stomach just prior to a meal – stay well hydrated while on the product. Use for three weeks straight, then one off week. After the week off, you can run it again. Animal Cuts Powder can be used for as long as you are performing your cutting cycle. For optimal results, be sure to combine with a proper cutting diet. Can be stacked with any other non-stimulant Animal product. Leave time in between ingesting other supplements to ensure optimal absorption.


• All-In-One Fat-Burning Stack

• Extreme Metabolic Enhancer

• Natural Diuretic and Thyroid Support

• Appetite Suppressant

• Potent Thermogenic Agent

• Focus Factors

• Energy Boosting Formula

• Nootropics for Focus and Motivation

• Two Delicious Flavors

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*Animal’s ATP for Cuts Powder was an internal study fully administered by the brand. No external research groups were used in any capacity. The research collected is proprietary to Animal and Universal Nutrition solely.