Hey guys! Hope you’ve been enjoying your holidays! Given the messages and emails I’ve been receiving lately, I know many of you are feeling that winter bloat from all the goodies. Hey, I haven’t been an angel myself, so I know exactly how you feel! This time of year, I’d love to share some tips and tricks how to stay ON TRACK with your goals, and feel GOOD about your body all winter!

The biggest and most important factor to avoiding winter weight gain is balance and moderation. That’s right! You don’t want to be Scrooge with your family and friends saying, “I can’t have this or drink that.” Unless you’re prepping for an IFBB/NPC show or photo shoot, you can have anything you want, but keep it in moderation! It’s OK to have a small indulgence, but remember, you’re in control of how much goes in your mouth. Many of us feel like once we’ve cheated a little, the whole day is now a cheat day because we blew it! Next thing you know, we’ve eaten thousands of excess calories that are going straight to you know where… our hips, thighs and bellies!

Let’s switch our way of thinking a bit! Instead of feeling guilty after having that bite or slice of pumpkin pie, be PROUD of yourself for only having one! If the taste has your eyes rolling in the back of your head, and you’re tempted to over- indulge, remember that DUMPY, YUCKY, LETHARGIC feeling you’d have shortly afterwards. The key is, put a small portion of your indulgence on a plate, enjoy it slowly, drink some water to get the taste out of your mouth, and get right back to engaging with your family, friends or tasks! Hey, if you’re feeling so inclined, you can even go for a walk or jog afterwards! If you can master your willpower instead of letting taste debilitate you, you will have a much EASIER time keeping unwanted weight off. Your willpower is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets (and the happier you’ll feel!).

Here’s a summary of tricks to minimize that winter bloat:
• Put a small portion on your plate
• Eat your indulgences SLOWLY
• Drink a gallon of water minimum to help with digestion and minimize water retention
• Engage with your tasks or the people around you
• Start your day with a high-intensity workout so you feel great about yourself early on!
• If you’re at a party, bring your conversation away from the table snacks!
• Take a fiber supplement to aid with digestion
• Get in a walk, or cardio/resistance training workout before and/or after your indulgence!
• Think of your body as a machine rather than a dumpster!

If any of you have any questions, please message or email me! You can also visit my website, www.AshleyKfit.com, for tons of other great tips to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals. I’d love to help you stay on course these winter months, and become your best YOU yet!