Photo courtesy of Isaac Hinds

Every girl wants to look incredible at the gym, beach or just in a beautiful dress. Here are some of my tips for achieving a small waist and awesome abs!

1. Diet is the most important thing for losing body fat and looking lean and tight. Eat the correct amount of protein, carbs and fat for your age, body type and weight.

2. Improve your posture. This is important because simply standing up straight can help you look slimmer.

3. In your workouts, incorporate exercises that activate the abs. For example, when you do push-ups, focus on using the strength from your core. Try to engage your pelvic floor.

4. Incorporate different exercise in your routine— crunches, leg lowers, bicycle exercises, etc. Remember that you have to work both your upper and lower abs.

5. Eat fiber and drink water, because good digestion will help you achieve a small waist and flat abs.

6. The use of cream on a daily basis helps your skin to look amazing. If your goal is to reduce inches and fat, I always recommend using a very good cream to prevent skin damage.

7. Achieving flat abs is 80 percent diet! But a workout routine and proper cardio also help to lean your entire body. You can add 20 minutes in your routine three times per week and you will see results. I recommend intervals— that means short but high intensity!

I recommend doing abs no more than three times per week. There are no big secrets— just consistency and discipline! Do your abs, enjoy your workout and laugh! Laughing also activates all your ab muscles.