Often times we all get caught up in our day-to-day lives and don’t “have time” for other import things— such as taking care of our bodies so we may live longer. We have all heard the whole, “I wish I could work out like you, I just don’t have the time.” Well guess what??? YOU CAN!!! You can prepare yourself for success by taking the small steps necessary. Small steps will eventually lead you to your ultimate goal! The ONLY thing standing in your way is YOU!  Here are a few ideas to get you going in setting a GOAL…

1. Dream BIG. Don’t be afraid to set your goals high, but be realistic of course! If you need to take small steps to get there, do so! ALL good things take time. The things we work the hardest for, we appreciate more!

2. Decide HOW you will GET there. Set out a plan! How you will achieve your goals!? Think about the necessary steps you will take to get you to your ultimate goal! It may take months or even years. Consider how hard you are willing to work and the effort required to reach your goal.

3. SET a Realistic GOAL. Goals are great, but when we set out to lose 10 pounds in a week, you set yourself up for failure! It is very unrealistic, unless you are on the “The Biggest Loser” and even that rarely happens on the show 😉 Start with something achievable and work your way up!

4. Have a PLAN. Step by step, WRITE DOWN what you want to achieve and WHAT it will take to get YOU there! Brainstorm the best way you can inch your way to your goal!

5. SET yourself up for SUCCESS. Don’t be unrealistic in your plan and goal setting. Follow your plan and stick to it, even when you don’t want to! The reward will be much better than the temporary pain. When you have that body you have always wanted, you won’t think twice about that cardio session you were struggling through 😉

6. OVERCOME Setbacks. Realize we are ALL human and we ALL make mistakes. If we were all perfect, life would be boring! Remember we will all slip up here and there; it is OVERCOMING and CONQUERING that setback that makes us all stronger!

7. Revisit YOUR Plan. OVER and OVER, revisit your plan. REVISE your plan if something isn’t working the way you thought it would. Post sticky notes on your mirror for when you wake up, reminding you of your goals. Post positive quotes on your dream board and inspirational people who will motivate you each and every day, especially on the days you are dragging.

Yes, life gets crazy, and sometimes things come up unexpectedly. Ultimately, those types of problems come and go. Don’t let anyone stop YOU from achieving your goal! So many people who aren’t motivated will try and bring you down or tell you that you can’t do it. This is the perfect opportunity for you to turn around and say “Watch ME!!” Healthy and fit people don’t just happen! They don’t necessarily have the time to work out a few hours a day, but they prioritize and MAKE it happen! YOU can prepare yourself for success by taking these small steps to success! The small steps will eventually lead you to your ULTIMATE goal! Nothing feels better than achieving what you set out to do! Until next time, stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED! Always remember… “The Skye’s the Limit!”

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