Besides being delicious, apples have many heath and fitness benefits. Plus, they are easy to find during all seasons, and you can choose from many different varieties.

Apples are also a great addition to a fat-loss diet because they are fat free and low in sodium and calories. In addition, apples, particularly in their skin, have plenty of fiber, which is good for digestion and also helps you feel full.

Here are some more benefits of apples and why they should be included in your diet:

• Apples have ursolic acid in the peel. Research has shown that ursolic acid can boost calorie burn.

• Apples contain antioxidants and pectin (a type of fiber), phytochemicals like quercetin, flavonoids and carotenoids, which have been shown to help prevent cancer and other diseases.

• Apples have many vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium, which all help to boost our immune system.

• Eating an apple before working out is a wonderful way to increase your energy levels and boost your exercise endurance. The antioxidant quercetin aids endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs.

• Eating an apple in your post-workout meal with a protein is also a good idea. Eat the apple raw or include it in a shake, and it will help keep you satiated.

Our bodies need antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help us repair from exercise and also to prevent injuries and diseases. This is why it’s smart to include apples in your diet! To do so, give my Protein Apple Sorbet recipe a try:

Protein Apple Sorbet


2 green apples
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons stevia
1 cup of water
50 grams vanilla whey


Cut, core and coarsely slice the apples and place in pan with the water. Boil for 3 minutes, then add all the other ingredients and stir. Remove the mix from the heat and cool. Blend the mix until it looks like a smooth puree, and freeze. It’s better if you keep this mix in the freezer at least 24 hours before it’s served. Blend the mix again and return to the freezer until ready to serve.

Serves 4

Per serving
Calories: 85
Fat: 1g
Carbs: 12g (2g fiber)
Protein: 23g

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