As we patiently wait for warmer weather, I can’t help but get so excited for sun-kissed skin and bronzed faces! There are some bronzers in my collection of all prices and sizes, and I wanted to share three of them with you today. These bronzers are for all budgets!

Ulta Matte Bronzer ($10.00)

I was just picking up some inexpensive buys at Ulta and grabbed this on a whim. This is a perfect bronzer for someone who is looking to save some monies! It applies nicely and blends easily. I actually loved the color, but my only complaint is that I have an issue with longevity. Maybe it was just my skin, but I felt the need to keep applying throughout the day, which is something I do not like to do a lot. Nonetheless, it’s a great price and color if you are looking save!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer ($30.00)

This is a great bronzer at the mid-price range. I really love the quality of the product and a little bit goes a long way, which I love (meaning, it’s going to last you a long time). It blends very easily and is perfect for everyday use! I also use it to contour rather than just bronze up because it can get darker if you want it to! It does build pretty easily, so be careful of that— it will get too dark. Also, it smells exactly like chocolate— I’ve been tempted to just freakin’ eat the whole thing, LOL!

Chanel – Soleil Tan De Chanel ($58.00)

I found that this bronzer is super unique because it is a cream bronzer. I have had it since 2014 and I swear, a dent has barely been made. This unique bronzer starts as a cream and quickly translates to powder-feeling pretty quickly. It applies so smoothly, too! This specific brand only comes in one shade, which can be a bit orangey in color for fair skin ladies, but I’m obsessed. I know that it it’s pricey item, but it will last a VERY long time, so it is worth the money!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post today! Try some of these bronzers out, they’re pretty great! Which bronzers do you love to use to get sun-kissed skin?